Best Friends Furever

A few months ago I stumbled upon the cutest product for fellow dog lovers: A friendship bracelet & collar from! This genius site allows you and your furry BFF flaunt  your love for each other with a matching collar and bracelet. Obviously, I absolutely loved that idea.

The only downfall for me was I have two little best friends and the bracelet only comes with one collar.

Today I took matters into my own hands. Banks and Ollie both already have pretty new collars, so I took a trip to Michael’s and got two sets of matching charms (only $3 each). I bought charms that remind me of them  (Banks an obvious ‘B’ – I looked for a $ with no luck 😦 , and Oliver the arrow since we named him after Oliver Queen “The Green Arrow“).
 photo DSC03521_zpsuagmrgh6.jpg

 photo DSC03513_zpsactftzwa.jpg

I searched around and found a perfect plain bracelet  for myself for only $5.00. I added my set of charms and voila. 🙂

 photo DSC03523_zpss09pmx55.jpg

If you are a dog lover, or know any dog lovers…keep this in mind.  This is a perfect and inexpensive gift idea! 🙂



Keep Your Home Clean…Even with Two Weens!

I’ve always been very conscious of the way my house smells. Ever since Rob and I went house hunting (two years ago!) I’ve had nightmares of some of the houses we saw (and smelt!)

17118_10203985487172662_692825146865607937_nIt’s gives me anxiety thinking about someone walking into our home and smelling something not so pleasant. I hate cleaning as much as anyone else, but having two dogs means more dog hair and other various smells 😛 And if your dogs are anything like Banks, they like to suck on their toys…which doesn’t leave the toys smelling very nice. 😛

Whether you are cleaning up sandy paws in the summer, or in a war with the spring/summer shedding season, these easy tips will help keep your house clean:
 photo 0001410_450_zpsnep0ykd7.jpeg

  1. Groom your dog regularly. Depending on fur type..short haired dogs usually don’t need to be brushed as often as long haired. Banks and Ollie have been shedding so much lately because we haven’t given them haircuts in a while. :-O Most dogs enjoy being brushed & this will help get rid of debris and loose hair, which would normally find their way onto furniture or carpets.
  2. Eliminate the fur! Vacuum, obviously. 🙂 Most of the time that is entertaining if your pup likes to bark and chase the vacuum ;-). Consider purchasing a vacuum with a specialized ‘pet attachment’ or a Swiffer duster that will trap pet hair. Invest in a large pack of lint rollers – those will be your best friend. 😛 I usually “furminate” once a week..Saturdays are the day…or if guests are coming over, I will do it before they come. 🙂
  3. Wash your pet supplies. Those annoying little squeaky toys not only harbor smells, but germs and bacteria too. Wash hard plastic toys in warm water with mild soap. Soft or plush toys, bedding can be put in the washing machine.
  4. Get rid of those odors! Candles and wax warmers are my best friend, but those can only do so much. Make sure that any messes are thoroughly cleaned. Nature’s Miracle: No More Marking will not only target odors, they’ll also help to ensure that the proteins and destroyed to help reduce the chance of your pet going in the same spot again.


BarkBox Arf-filliates!

 photo 093_zpsegneocbk.jpg
I am SOO excited to announce that Bank$ and Oliver are now officially a part of the BarkBox BarkPack Affiliate program!! 🙂
Use this link: or our special code: TEENIEWEENIES when you subscribe for any BarkBox subscription to receive a free toy with your purchase!
Please feel free to share this post with all your dog loving friends and family!

If you aren’t familiar with BarkBox, you gotta check them out!! When you sign up, your four legged bestie(s) will receive a package every month (depending on your subscription type) with four or more products (which could be treats, toys, shampoos, etc.).
They have plans available based on the size of your dog & the best part about it is 10% of all BarkBox proceeds are donated to a local shelter or rescue to help dogs in need.

 photo 082_zpslspiofmo.jpgpeaceloveweens

No More Jingle Bells

Hi Everyone, Oliver here! 🙂

Sorry we haven’t posted anything in a while, it has been so crazy with all the howldays that have recently passed. It was my first Christmas this year, and I was a little overwhelmed, but loved it! We received lots of gifts from our pawrents and grandpawrents and are very grateful for that. I showed my gratuity by destroying every toy within 5 minutes :-); while Bank$ helped unwrap our human’s gifts.

 photo Screenshot_2015-12-07-10-48-11_zps8gbwtpyw.png
 photo XMAS_zpshhxh5nhn.jpg

The next day, I heard my humans talk a lot about balls. I thought to myself: “Wow, I really have been a good boy this year…all those toys on Christmas AND they are going to buy me balls?!”

I have never been so wrong. 😦  I did not receive any new balls to play with. What I got was a terrifying trip to the vet’s office.

I felt so betrayed and made sure my pawrents knew about that. I cried the entire time in the waiting room & dug deep to shoot them my best ‘puppy eyes’ when the technician took me to the back room. 😦

The whole day was a blur, but when my parents came to pick me up, I remembered. I didn’t even give them a kiss hello. HA! That sure showed them! I felt a lot better when I  got home and saw my big brother. He missed me so much!

Recovery from this life altering surgery has actually been alright. I forgave the humans by day two & they have been spoiling me ever since. I have been surrounded by toys, treats and snuggles all week. A dog can get used to this 😉

 photo 20151229_135616_zpse7rbcxzm.jpg
 photo 1_zpszs1p5cyl.jpgThe most annoying part of recovery is the Cone of Shame. I HATE IT. Bank$ is afraid of it, so he doesn’t want to play when I have it on. 😦
 photo 2_zpskrw23gqt.jpg

Time to beg for a treat & take a nap!
Love you all!


Oh, Christmas Tree!

Hi Everyone! Banks here! I know it has been a little while since we’ve posted on here – Oliver and I have been very busy taking naps and snuggling to stay warm. It’s a ruff life 😉

This weekend our pawrents took us to cut down our Christmas tree! And let me just say: humans do the strangest things. They decorate something that we pee on. To each is own I guess 😛

My dad said that I was going to be the ‘videographer’ of the day and strapped a harness around me. It felt a little funny. But, everyone we walked by pointed and smiled, so I trotted proudly with the camera on my a good boy 🙂
 photo DSC02647_zps9q7hjyvv.jpg

We had so much fun smelling all the trees and barking at all the people and other dogs! We sniffed lots of butts and helped our humans find the perfect tree! Oliver thought this one was perfect, but I knew it was a little too small…so I peed on it.
 photo DSC02649_zpspilamyem.jpgIt was a nice try though. You see, this is Oliver’s first Christmas, so he had no idea what to expect when picking a tree. I helped sniff out the winner in the end. We saved the day 😉

Here are some more pictures from the day! 🙂

 photo DSC02640_zpskwmmh4oz.jpg photo 2015_1205_155439_002_zpsuyu2tote.jpg photo 2015_1205_155248_001_zpsnmw3yudz.jpg





Once we got home, it was chaos! All we wanted to do was sleep, but our mom and dad set up the Christmas tree and decorated it. We watched lazily as the walked back and forth making sure everything was perfect.

We are pleased with the outcome! Oliver is still confused as to why there is a tree in the house, but he’ll get used to it 😀
 photo 20151206_102347_zpstptbxkzx.jpg

 photo 12341297_10205510905267161_5944933565975731981_n_zps0ctmbfc5.jpg

 photo 20151206_213736_zps89dlagpj.jpgHave a great day everyone! ❤


DIY Bow Tie

*Very proud that this DIY tutorial was featured on Dachshunds United’s website! 🙂 *

Is there anything cuter than a dachshund?! How about a dachshund wearing a bow tie?
It’s no secret that I’m obsessed with my two weenies; And I can testify first hand, that you cannot just  have one! 🙂 With their silly personality, you literally cannot help yourself but to dress them up at one point in their life. As their human and ‘pawrent’ it is your obligation to show off their cuteness and share the joy they bring with the world…with whatever accessories necessary.

Let’s be honest, dog clothes and accessories can get very expensive. Yes, they might not be considered necessities, however, they are so fun… you can’t resist. 😛 With that being said, I thought I would take the time to share an inexpensive way to spruce up your pup’s wardrobe that is fun and easy!

This DIY tutorial will show you how to make your pup the most dapper gentleman around town!
 photo Things You Will Need_zpskitwaddv.jpgIf you don’t have the items listed above, you can take a trip to your local fabric store. My store of choice is Joanne Fabric and Craft Store – they have endless choices and very inexpensive sample squares that are perfect for this project.

*Please note that these are not to be used with a leash as a collar replacement.*

 photo Instructions 1_zpsuy2ulq8q.jpg
 photo Instructions 2_zpszcrjtsqd.jpg
 photo Instructions 3_zpszgcwhtin.jpg
 photo BowTie_zpstqtoqsuw.jpg

If you use this tutorial make sure you take lots of pictures and use the hashtag #DUDapperDudes.


thRUFFty Pup

As you might already know, I love to shop & spoil the weens. So, I’m usually always on the hunt for cute dog related items for me, or accessories/toys or anything for the little guys 🙂 This summer, I came across an account on Instagram (@thRUFFty_pup) and fell in love with their ‘PUPcycled’ pet accessories and hand stamped  RUDE dog tags. Check out their Etsy shop when you have a chance. I’m almost positive you will find something for your dog. And remember, Christmas is just around the if you have a fellow dog lover in your life, maybe you’ll find a nice gift. 🙂

Check out these RUDE dog tags I got from their shop:
 photo DSC01894_zpsbuffeeqn.jpg
 photo DSC01895_zps0oor1owa.jpg*IMPORTANT NOTE: I do not have a favorite, Oliver just happens to be the only little asshole in the house 😛 😉

I will continue to keep you posted on any and every website/store I find that has cute items for your furbabies!  Apologize to your bank accounts now if you are as crazy as me!!



We had such a great Halloween! There were so many people in our house to bark at and sniff! It was so awesome!

Our humans made us stay in the bedroom for a little while until everyone arrived, then we were let loose! Sweet freedom!! Everyone was so excited to see us, we didn’t know who to greet first!! We were running around out back while some humans sat by this hot circle thing on the ground (mom said it was a fire pit), then our BFF Indie came with his humans!

We had three different outfits on through the night. Obviously. This was our party…we had to have all the attention. 😉 Mom dressed us up as pumpkins before guests arrived to get into the holiday spirit, then we took a ‘beauty nap’ to get ourselves ready for the costumes our mom made for us…..Tooth paste and a tooth brush!
 photo 1_zpsoghoyltw.pngEveryone loved it, especially since our costumes went with our humans! Mom was a tooth fairy, and dad was a tooth. 😀 We won the “best group costume” award!!  photo 12186617_10205339506902309_2032821079665512788_o_zpscbcv5e1x.jpg

On our final costume change of the night, we were little skeletons 🙂  (Indie is the little dino, he looked so scary!)
 photo boys_zpsjttva5nb.jpg

We were the center of attention, as usual. Taking turns sitting on laps, getting snuggled, giving kisses and being pet. It’s a ruff life being so cute.

 photo 2_zps3mz6lscz.pngWhen Indie came, we couldn’t contain our excitement. We forgot about all the humans in the room and started wrestling right away! After things calmed down a bit the crazy moms decided it was time we showed the humans how to use the photo booth.  We rocked it, of course. 😎
 photo 4_zpsetisp7az.png
 photo 3_zpsbzeck7ug.png photo 5_zps20kf0g6d.pngAll three of us decided to share the camera with our parents, so we took a big family photo ❤

We call this photo: The Craziest of All Wiener Dog Families.

 photo 12191727_10205339506782306_1498403040001048919_n_zpsrrwmtqnu.jpgWe are still tired from all the excitment on Saturday, so we need another nap 😉

Love you all! ❤

xoxo Banks & Oliver


Family Photos!

We are so used to being models by ourselves, we thought that maybe it was time to share the spotlight with our pawrents. Mom had the idea of having us all match in plaid because it was “fall like” (whatever that means). We look fabulous in anything, so we agreed that was the right choice in wardrobe.

As mom was setting up the camera and getting our treats out and ready…we heard the deck door swing open. Our cute little ears perked up and to our complete surprise & delight..our DAD was joining us!!! He must really love us if he agreed to this!! 🙂

Check out some of the pictures we took! We look so great….I guess our humans do too… 😉 😛
 photo DSC02357_zps6km8i5yv.jpg

 photo 4_zpsenspa35d.png

 photo 3_zpszt62xfrr.png

 photo 2_zpstucasfir.png

 photo 1_zpspwuztzk8.png

Time for a nap, our BFF is coming over soon!! 🙂

Love you all!

❤ Banks & Oliver


Different Shapes to Try & Escape

Hello All! Oliver here! 🙂

As you may know, I recently graduated to the ‘big bed’. Please, hold your applause 😛 Along with that, my humans also upgraded me from my puppy apartment (large crate) to my very own puppy condo.

Basically, I’m a pretty big deal.

The only downfall of having my very own puppy condo is that I have to watch my big brother trot around the entire house. What the heck, right?! Mom doesn’t know this, but when they leave for work, Banks always taunts me. Mostly saying things  like:

“Ha! You’re stuck in there and I get to look out the window allll day! You’re totally missing all the leaves and wind to bark at!!”
 photo tongue-out-smiley_zpswghgryey.pngSO. RUDE.

Well, after a couple of hours on day one in my puppy condo, I was sick of it. I would not be mocked for being a good boy! Once I was finished with my morning power nap, I huffed and I puffed and I moved it!!!

 photo Condoday1_zps4xzxyebu.jpgThe look on Banks’ face was priceless! I totally almost made it to the living room, and would have if my grandma didn’t come to let us outside. 😦
 photo Condo2_zpsr4gwztze.pngAll my hard work was overlooked. Before leaving, grandma moved the condo back to it’s rightful position in the corner. However, she must have forgotten that I am a persistent pup. After I heard her close the front door, I began my mission again.

Here is what mom found on Day One @ 5:00 p.m.

Mom laughed at all the different shapes I had it in that day. I didn’t think it was too funny…I was trying to make my great escape.

My humans said they will find a way to prevent the condo from moving. I’m up for the challenge 😉

Well I have to get back to work…I only have a few hours until grandma comes….

Love you all!

❤ Oliver