Two Wet Weenies: Kayaking in the Creek

This summer we made the best purchase: a kayak and a paddle board (along with life jackets for every member in the family) 🙂

We had been going through the Milford harbor so the water wasn’t too rough, but recently, we were told about this awesome launch point into the creek (also in Milford). It’s so private, peaceful and perfect. Well, perfect while wearing bug spray…I got eaten alive the first time, but now I go prepared! 😛

Banks started off on the paddle board, but liked to get a little too close to the water and would fall in about 80% of the time. The poor guy would look so upset when he got back on the board soaking wet. So, we switched and Oliver is now a pro on the board…he just sits on the back watching Banks and I in the kayak..crying occasionally 😦

Yesterday, we were riding along like pros – none of the dogs took a dive, and I thought to myself: “Awesome, when we get home, they won’t have to be rinsed off.”  Welp, I spoke too soon. Literally, at the last second, Banks jumped off into the mucky creek water at the launch point. Oh well! 😛

Here are some pictures & videos from yesterdays boating adventure!



^^Click to watch the videos ^^

 photo 20150826_184513_zpsevvnuilp.jpg

 photo 20150826_185532_zpsqtf2outu.jpg

 photo 20150826_182427_zpsnjt1fifd.jpg

 photo 20150826_185527_zpsw9raygzp.jpg

 photo 20150826_185042 1_zpshipx8jke.jpg

 photo 20150826_185803_zpsn8jty8cx.jpg


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