Oliver, Please Stop Peeing on the Couch.

20150825_073613(1)If any of you have heard that dachshunds are one of the most stubborn breeds… you better believe it’s true.

Training, like with all dogs, takes a lot of patience and repetition. However, even if Oliver knows what you WANT him to do & you know he is capable  of doing it…he will stare at you and do the complete opposite. He’s a little asshole, but he is my little asshole. 😛

aholeBanks was a little angel when it came to potty training with very few accidents in the house. He set the expectations for any other dog..that’s for sure. 🙂angel

With Oliver, potty training has been an adventure in itself.

Regular training was easy..sit, stay, roll, paw, down, and my favorite BANG he got within a few hours of repetition. Now…don’t get me wrong…he knows to pee or poop when we take him outside, but sometimes he will literally look right at us and just go. On. The. Couch.  At that point, we receive a visit from “The Incredible Hulk” (a.k.a. Rob).hulk4Oliver can be having a great few weeks with no peeing in the house…but once we talk about it to anyone…forget it. The same day that we mention he has been good with no accidents…he will go in the house somewhere.

We’ve learned not to jinx it B3OfB3sIgAAT2GW.png large

Accidents are understandable, obviously. His bladder is so small, sometimes he just can’t hold it any longer. A month or so back, we were eating dinner on our deck and we noticed this…

IMG951129(1)Yes, that is a trail of pee. LOL I don’t think the poor guy even knew he was peeing as he was walking around.

You gotta laugh. Accidents happen. Keep your sense of humor…they usually apologize with kisses and cuddles after they do wrong. 🙂 And I’m a sucker, I can never stay mad for longer than 5 minutes 😛


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