Sunday Funday!

Today was a fun filled day! Now we know why all the humans call it “Sunday Funday”! 🙂 The day started off with some fresh new hair cuts! (It was Oliver’s first and he did great!) We felt so much better once our hair was short – it was a hot day in the sunshine!
 photo DSC01678_zpsedwmxvhc.jpg  photo DSC01679_zpsym982eti.jpg  photo DSC01683_zpsskfm2jct.jpg

My humans insist on putting my ears like this so they don’t cut them. They always laugh and call it a ‘man bun’. Whatever. I’m fabulous – Banks

 photo DSC01685_zpsy98iordy.jpg

I’m SO happy to be outside…but I have a few questions: 1) What the heck is that thing? 2) Why is it buzzing? 3) Why is it coming near me?! – Oliver

We were such good boys after we got our haircut, the humans rewarded us with a trip to the dog park. We also walked down a new trail where we stopped to take some selfies at a lake. We weren’t allowed to swim in it :-(, but it was still fun to smell and pee on all the surroundings! 🙂

 photo DSC016981_zpsrzhlkb0q.jpgLook! Look how happy we are! It was such a beautiful day!

 photo DSC01700_zpsrhnpmwqw.jpg

Just when we were both cozy in the truck ready for a nap, we were surprised by a visit to a football game! Mom made us orange hankies before we left so we had the team spirit! She called us “cheerleaders” (whatever that means).

 photo DSC01715_zpssr0izzfb.jpg
 photo DSC01709_zpsbuarnigg.jpg


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