Rest In Peace, Bed #3

“I love chewing everything! It’s the best!!

Destroying toys, no problem…eating grass.. all day everyday! My humans aren’t fans, but I take pride in my chewing. LOOK! This is bed #3! Mom said she wasn’t going to buy me a new bed, but I know I have her wrapped around my little hairy paws. 😉 I’ll give her the old “puppy dog eyes” and she’ll run out and get me a nice fluffy new one!

 photo IMG_0234_zpsb4ledrqk.jpg

However, after bed #3…I think I learned my lesson.

This morning, while taking my morning poo, something didn’t feel right. I thought back to the previous day and how much fun I had with the stuffing in the bed! Well, I guess you aren’t supposed to eat that stuff (not sure why they would make it look like cotton candy and then expect you not to eat it)… silly humans.

Well, mom took me to the doctors…and let me just tell you: We are currently in a fight.

I was violated. And I am not happy about it. Isn’t there such thing as human abuse or something? Who can I call??

 photo 20150903_095729_zpsevu1ojhv.jpg

But, never fear…I am currently okay. 🙂

Mom was able to work from home so she can look after me. I’m “helping” her work 🙂 She seems to be getting angry when I try to help her type and e-mail…oh well.
 photo 20150903_113117_zpskem22edf.jpg

O.K time for a nap!

Love you all!” –Oliver


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