Our Favorite Time of The Week….

Weekends! πŸ™‚

Our humans said they want to go out on the water as much as possible before it starts getting too cold for us! We were such good boys, we didn’t even need baths after our journey! It was a beautiful day and the waters were very calm – which was awesome because we didn’t fall in!

There were so many fish jumping out of the water – we thought we would get to play with a few, but mom turned around towards the boat launch so fast, we didn’t get a chance to see any! She was…what humans call…”a chicken“.

Here is a video and some pictures!

 photo 20150913_121255 2_zpsrn47qn5y.jpg

 photo 20150913_1150261_zpswmkfemtt.jpg

 photo 20150913_1217091_zpsrq0sgt08.jpg

 photo 20150913_1212431_zpssy7mkp3q.jpg

 photo 20150913_1204001_zpskmqeuib8.jpg

 photo 20150913_1228101_zpsnatc4swd.jpg


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