How to Avoid Back Injuries – Dachshunds

Due to the dachshunds l o n g body and short stubby legs, they are prone to disk and back issues.
 photo Anatomy_zps1adtmdug.jpgHere are some ways to avoid back problems:

  1. Decrease use of stairs. Climbing long flights of stairs puts excessive pressure on their discs and can strain the spine. It is recommended to use ramps, block stairs or simply supervise to make sure he doesn’t climb stairs. I’ve seen some affordable fold up ramps for sale on Amazon.
  2. Control their weight. Try to control your pups weight. I’ve read numerous articles and most say “if you cannot feel their ribs, they are most likely overweight”. Obviously this does not mean starve the poor thing, I know we all like to spoil our babies 🙂 However, you can portion their food (like humans would if they went on a diet). The packaging of your dog food usually indicated how much a dog of a certain weight should eat on a daily basis. If a dachshund is overweight, the spine will be strained and can lead to IVDD 😦
  3. No jumping on and off furniture. As much as they love jumping on and off furniture, it should be avoided as much as possible. You can purchase a little ramp or stairs to the bed/couch – It can take some time to train them to use the stairs or ramp…because they are so stubborn, but with some patience and lots of praise (and some treats) it is possible. (Banks jumps on and off the couch 80% of the time and we have really been trying to discourage it).
  4. Monitor mobility. It is important to keep on eye on your dog’s mobility. If he/she shows any unusual inactivity, discomfort or reluctance to take a walk or run, take him to the vet immediately. This can be critical. The longer you wait, the more serious the problem can get.

For more information I recommend checking out the article link below.

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