Crazy Dog Lady

Jess here, not the weens πŸ˜‰

I recently submitted Banks and Oliver’s photos to be featured in a doggy book that is to be published next fall. (Fingers crossed the babies make it in it!) Along with the photo, they asked you to submit a reason why you are totally in love with your dog, or something that is unique about them. I sat there and thought about it for a pretty long time. Isn’t every dog unique? How the heck do you explain to someone (who doesn’t know you) how much you love your dog?Β  I typed this huge, long (almost novel) entry to try and stand out with very specific stories. I reread it a bunch of times making sure it was perfect. After the third time reading it, I deleted it all. I replaced it with a short, simple and honest response:

Everything they do makes me happy – isn’t that what love is all about? They just exist. And they make my life so much better by just being.

Without them I wouldn’t be a crazy dog lady, I would just be a lady. Without them, our home would just be a house.

I love these two little heartbeats at my feet. It’s the best kind of love; unconditional ❀

 photo 2015-10-05 14.30.38_zpsngazzrnk.jpg photo Quote_zpsfnjxedux.jpg


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