Sunday Squad

Hi everybody! 🙂

Yesterday was awesome!! Our besties Indie and Callie came over to play! 😀 We had so much fun chasing each other around the yard. Every time Indie comes over, the humans always want us to stop playing for a few minutes just to have what they call a photoshoot. We’re okay with it I guess…they end up giving us treats if we sit still for one or two, then we run away.
 photo DSC020741_zpsevcsood7.jpg photo DSC021011_zpsw4u9dzw6.jpg photo DSC020861_zpswf4vx6f7.jpg photo DSC021012_zpshkhkylpx.jpg photo DSC020921_zpshard28n6.jpgAfter we ran around the backyard, our humans took our squad to to this place with so many dogs and humans. Mom said it was the S.T.A.R.S. Fall Festival to Benefit Animals… all we know is that it was a wienerful time. There were so many things, people and butts to sniff!! We ran into a lot of our ‘cousins’…and yep, we sniffed their butts too!

We entered the photo contest and our picture was up on the bulletin board at the festival!! Unfortunately, we lost to a silly cat 😦 Mom said we were cuter and that we should have won ;-). We also got noticed a few times because of our photo being posted…So, that was a win in our books!
 photo DSC021081_zpsj03fwmbv.jpg
 photo 20151011_1232461_zpsolho5ef5.jpg
 photo DSC02128_zpsmgxnvqtm.jpg

Speaking of winning… 😉 Look who won first place in the best trick contest!!! Stole the judges hearts with his “BANG” play dead” trick! Our parents are so proud! (Autographs available upon request) 😛

 photo 1_zpsgt80zvzc.pngWell, time for a nap….we are still pooped from yesterdays fun!

Love you all!

❤ Banks & Oliver



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