HalloWEENifying Our Home & Myself

HalloweeniesI guess it’s time to admit that summer is officially over. 😦 I told myself I wouldn’t decorate for Fall/Halloween until the first weekend of October, and that’s just what I did. I’m still in denial…the summer went by too fast!! I don’t go too crazy with Fall decorating – I feel like October/November happen in a blink, then all of a sudden it’s time to decorate for Christmas.

I have a lot of Halloween decorations thanks to my cousin, who loves this holiday and nominated our house for the annual Halloween Soiree 😉 The garage and basement are they only things that get crazy decorated for Halloween…which I haven’t gotten to yet.

Due to the fact that I have bins full of decorations, I wasn’t going to buy anything this year, but I found some gems that I couldn’t not buy. Anything I see with dachshunds…I think I just black out and next thing I know I’m swiping my credit card. To make myself feel a little better, I like to say that I am a collector. And I cannot stop collecting. I added some pictures of the fall decorations & other things I ‘collected’ so far…more decorating is in order for the party, but I’m only one person…with two dogs who demand all my attention :-P.
 photo DSC02171_zpsby669miv.jpg

^ Candy corn bow ties I made for the babies ^

I also added some must have dachshund items at the end of this post. I will have to keep those on my wishlist for next year 😉
 photo Fall_zps64mbunuj.jpg

I love Target even more for stocking these awesome dachshund skeletons. I couldn’t get just one, obviously! The sign was a steal from the dollar bins there as well ($3)!

The dish towel below is from Homegoods – there were only two left, so I bought both of them and gave the other to a fellow weenie lover (Indie’s mom) 🙂

 photo Fall2_zpsvo6jixkh.jpg photo 20150927_1659131_zps8ux9wkbp.jpg

 photo DSC021401_zps7snvx1og.jpg photo DSC021341_zpszbuc3v4t.jpg

 photo DSC021291_zpsrjv7pqx1.jpg

A couple shirts I had to buy for the fall sweater weather 🙂 The black sweatshirt is from beangoods – I think I own just about every shirt from  there & the grey sweater is from J.Crew 🙂

Things I need for next year:

 photo HalloWEEN Tote_zpsxr5zfmw5.jpg        HalloWEEN Tote

Happy Halloweenie Sign

 photo Sign_zpsshvee8yn.jpg photo Pillow_zpsikheazto.jpgHalloween Pillow

Happy Fall, ya’ll ❤

xox Jess



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