Sweet Victory

Hi everyone! Banks here! πŸ™‚

As you all know, last week my little brother won first prize for best trick at the S.T.A.R.S festival! I guess you could say I was proud…(actually, I was just glad he wasn’t standing next to me…being annoying as usual πŸ˜› ).Β  As part of his winnings we got a free month of Barkbox! Of course our humans let us share! Gosh, I love them so much for that – the box smelled so good, I had to get a peek inside!

 photo 078_zpsaezsyfqw.jpg
 photo 082_zpslspiofmo.jpg
 photo 088_zpsli3megpl.jpg
 photo 093_zpsegneocbk.jpgWe got all sorts of awesome stuff! I’m not sure how we are expected to share..Oliver will have to pry this stuff out of my strong little paws.

Time for a nap!

Love you all ❀ -Banks



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