Cartoonize Your Pet!

 photo 12122784_10205259058611152_5844568531132667356_n_zpskn6bsdry.jpgLike I said previously, I am a collector. And when I found out that you could cartoonize your pet and put them on clothes and accessories…I didn’t really have much of a choice but to have my credit card out and ready. If you are interested in doing this (I’m really not sure why you wouldn’t be 😉 ) see below for some information:


  • Select category
    • You can cartoonize anything from dogs to hamsters
  • Choose your breed
    • Some breeds have a “+” next to them, which typically means there are a few different shapes or fur types
  • Once you select that, customize colors, spots, eyes and accessories so it looks just like your pet! 🙂
  • Now…the fun begins!! 🙂 After the cartoon is looking like your furbaby, click the ‘next’ button until you reach the screen where if offers the option to “Create Products”

I got shirts this time, but I have my eyes on a bunch of other stuff (like the mug, key chain and food bowl) 🙂
 photo Weenshirts_zpsugkheubt.png photo 20151016_153305_zpsbfpyfjdo.jpg🙂



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