On Top of The World: Big Boy Bed

Hi everybody, it’s Oliver! 🙂

I am here to announce, with great pride, that I have graduated to the ‘big boy bed’!!

It’s about time, right?!?!

Geeze…my humans waited long enough to let me snuggle and sleep with them at night. They said something about how they didn’t fully trust me because I would still have some accidents in the house & didn’t want me to try and play with my brother in the middle of the night. But I mean come on, my mom isn’t the only one who needs beauty sleep.

 photo DSC02209_zpsluxzo4zj.jpg photo DSC02211_zps7hd2cpqr.jpg
I’m very happy to say that I proved them wrong & am such a good boy!  I’m still learning some of the “rules” of being on this HUGE bed. Apparently, the humans claim spots and sides. Welp my spot is wherever I am comfortable. I’ve been doing some observing and noticed that Banks likes to sleep in between moms legs, so I take the spot under her arm…for now 😉

 photo DSC02221_zps5obxnrsv.jpgLOOK! I feel like I’m on top of the world! This is such a cozy, comfy big bed!!!

I love waking the humans up with kisses instead of crying to let them know I have to go pee pee!

It’s been such a great week!! Mom seems a little upset because she said I’m growing up too fast and she needs me to stay small forever. I don’t think she realizes I’m not going to get much bigger…..she’s crazy.

Well, I think it’s time for a nap. Hope you all have a great day! 🙂

❤ Oliver



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