We had such a great Halloween! There were so many people in our house to bark at and sniff! It was so awesome!

Our humans made us stay in the bedroom for a little while until everyone arrived, then we were let loose! Sweet freedom!! Everyone was so excited to see us, we didn’t know who to greet first!! We were running around out back while some humans sat by this hot circle thing on the ground (mom said it was a fire pit), then our BFF Indie came with his humans!

We had three different outfits on through the night. Obviously. This was our party…we had to have all the attention. πŸ˜‰ Mom dressed us up as pumpkins before guests arrived to get into the holiday spirit, then we took a ‘beauty nap’ to get ourselves ready for the costumes our mom made for us…..Tooth paste and a tooth brush!
 photo 1_zpsoghoyltw.pngEveryone loved it, especially since our costumes went with our humans! Mom was a tooth fairy, and dad was a tooth. πŸ˜€ We won the “best group costume” award!!  photo 12186617_10205339506902309_2032821079665512788_o_zpscbcv5e1x.jpg

On our final costume change of the night, we were little skeletons πŸ™‚Β  (Indie is the little dino, he looked so scary!)
 photo boys_zpsjttva5nb.jpg

We were the center of attention, as usual. Taking turns sitting on laps, getting snuggled, giving kisses and being pet. It’s a ruff life being so cute.

 photo 2_zps3mz6lscz.pngWhen Indie came, we couldn’t contain our excitement. We forgot about all the humans in the room and started wrestling right away! After things calmed down a bit the crazy moms decided it was time we showed the humans how to use the photo booth.Β  We rocked it, of course. 😎
 photo 4_zpsetisp7az.png
 photo 3_zpsbzeck7ug.png photo 5_zps20kf0g6d.pngAll three of us decided to share the camera with our parents, so we took a big family photo ❀

We call this photo: The Craziest of All Wiener Dog Families.

 photo 12191727_10205339506782306_1498403040001048919_n_zpsrrwmtqnu.jpgWe are still tired from all the excitment on Saturday, so we need another nap πŸ˜‰

Love you all! ❀

xoxo Banks & Oliver



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