Oh, Christmas Tree!

Hi Everyone! Banks here! I know it has been a little while since we’ve posted on here – Oliver and I have been very busy taking naps and snuggling to stay warm. It’s a ruff life 😉

This weekend our pawrents took us to cut down our Christmas tree! And let me just say: humans do the strangest things. They decorate something that we pee on. To each is own I guess 😛

My dad said that I was going to be the ‘videographer’ of the day and strapped a harness around me. It felt a little funny. But, everyone we walked by pointed and smiled, so I trotted proudly with the camera on my back..like a good boy 🙂
 photo DSC02647_zps9q7hjyvv.jpg

We had so much fun smelling all the trees and barking at all the people and other dogs! We sniffed lots of butts and helped our humans find the perfect tree! Oliver thought this one was perfect, but I knew it was a little too small…so I peed on it.
 photo DSC02649_zpspilamyem.jpgIt was a nice try though. You see, this is Oliver’s first Christmas, so he had no idea what to expect when picking a tree. I helped sniff out the winner in the end. We saved the day 😉

Here are some more pictures from the day! 🙂

 photo DSC02640_zpskwmmh4oz.jpg photo 2015_1205_155439_002_zpsuyu2tote.jpg photo 2015_1205_155248_001_zpsnmw3yudz.jpg





Once we got home, it was chaos! All we wanted to do was sleep, but our mom and dad set up the Christmas tree and decorated it. We watched lazily as the walked back and forth making sure everything was perfect.

We are pleased with the outcome! Oliver is still confused as to why there is a tree in the house, but he’ll get used to it 😀
 photo 20151206_102347_zpstptbxkzx.jpg

 photo 12341297_10205510905267161_5944933565975731981_n_zps0ctmbfc5.jpg

 photo 20151206_213736_zps89dlagpj.jpgHave a great day everyone! ❤



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