No More Jingle Bells

Hi Everyone, Oliver here! 🙂

Sorry we haven’t posted anything in a while, it has been so crazy with all the howldays that have recently passed. It was my first Christmas this year, and I was a little overwhelmed, but loved it! We received lots of gifts from our pawrents and grandpawrents and are very grateful for that. I showed my gratuity by destroying every toy within 5 minutes :-); while Bank$ helped unwrap our human’s gifts.

 photo Screenshot_2015-12-07-10-48-11_zps8gbwtpyw.png
 photo XMAS_zpshhxh5nhn.jpg

The next day, I heard my humans talk a lot about balls. I thought to myself: “Wow, I really have been a good boy this year…all those toys on Christmas AND they are going to buy me balls?!”

I have never been so wrong. 😦  I did not receive any new balls to play with. What I got was a terrifying trip to the vet’s office.

I felt so betrayed and made sure my pawrents knew about that. I cried the entire time in the waiting room & dug deep to shoot them my best ‘puppy eyes’ when the technician took me to the back room. 😦

The whole day was a blur, but when my parents came to pick me up, I remembered. I didn’t even give them a kiss hello. HA! That sure showed them! I felt a lot better when I  got home and saw my big brother. He missed me so much!

Recovery from this life altering surgery has actually been alright. I forgave the humans by day two & they have been spoiling me ever since. I have been surrounded by toys, treats and snuggles all week. A dog can get used to this 😉

 photo 20151229_135616_zpse7rbcxzm.jpg
 photo 1_zpszs1p5cyl.jpgThe most annoying part of recovery is the Cone of Shame. I HATE IT. Bank$ is afraid of it, so he doesn’t want to play when I have it on. 😦
 photo 2_zpskrw23gqt.jpg

Time to beg for a treat & take a nap!
Love you all!



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