Keep Your Home Clean…Even with Two Weens!

I’ve always been very conscious of the way my house smells. Ever since Rob and I went house hunting (two years ago!) I’ve had nightmares of some of the houses we saw (and smelt!)

17118_10203985487172662_692825146865607937_nIt’s gives me anxiety thinking about someone walking into our home and smelling something not so pleasant. I hate cleaning as much as anyone else, but having two dogs means more dog hair and other various smells 😛 And if your dogs are anything like Banks, they like to suck on their toys…which doesn’t leave the toys smelling very nice. 😛

Whether you are cleaning up sandy paws in the summer, or in a war with the spring/summer shedding season, these easy tips will help keep your house clean:
 photo 0001410_450_zpsnep0ykd7.jpeg

  1. Groom your dog regularly. Depending on fur type..short haired dogs usually don’t need to be brushed as often as long haired. Banks and Ollie have been shedding so much lately because we haven’t given them haircuts in a while. :-O Most dogs enjoy being brushed & this will help get rid of debris and loose hair, which would normally find their way onto furniture or carpets.
  2. Eliminate the fur! Vacuum, obviously. 🙂 Most of the time that is entertaining if your pup likes to bark and chase the vacuum ;-). Consider purchasing a vacuum with a specialized ‘pet attachment’ or a Swiffer duster that will trap pet hair. Invest in a large pack of lint rollers – those will be your best friend. 😛 I usually “furminate” once a week..Saturdays are the day…or if guests are coming over, I will do it before they come. 🙂
  3. Wash your pet supplies. Those annoying little squeaky toys not only harbor smells, but germs and bacteria too. Wash hard plastic toys in warm water with mild soap. Soft or plush toys, bedding can be put in the washing machine.
  4. Get rid of those odors! Candles and wax warmers are my best friend, but those can only do so much. Make sure that any messes are thoroughly cleaned. Nature’s Miracle: No More Marking will not only target odors, they’ll also help to ensure that the proteins and destroyed to help reduce the chance of your pet going in the same spot again.



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